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Regulations Drukuj Wyślij znajomemu

OPPA 2022


1. It is the aim of OPPA – International Bard Festival to support, develop and disseminate the work of authors/songwriters/performers.

2. OPPA is organised by “Ballada” Literary and Music Society.

3. OPPA consists of the competition, non-competition concerts and accompanying events.

1. Only persons being the sole authors, songwriters and performers of songs entered in the competition are allowed to take part therein.
1.1. Only the person who actually sings a song (sings the lead vocals, rather than backing vocals in the case of a group) is regarded the song’s performer.
1.2. No co-authorship is allowed. All lyrics and music of any single song entered has to be written by one and the same person.
1.3. Only individual persons and not groups are allowed to the competition. Where a person has been an integral part of a group, with which it performs in the competition, the name of the group may also be mentioned along with the leader’s name.

2. An application to start in the competition should include the following:
2.1. the Applicant’s name, first name, nationality, date of birth, phones, e-mail and address;
2.2. in the case of an accompanying group: a list of its members (names and instruments played);
2.3. lyrics of five songs entered, in A-4 size, in digital format .doc or .rtf ;
2.4. either demo or professional recordings of the songs entered in digital format .mp3 (bitrate 128 kbps);
2.5. an information on the Applicants’ previous artistic achievements;
2.6. an information on the Applicant’s needs as regards sound amplification during his/her performance.

3. For the deadline for filing applications and the address where they should be sent: see at the end of these Regulations. Polish, English, Russian and French languages are allowed for correspondence.

4. Applications should be send exclusively by e-mail.

5. In exceptional, justified cases the Organiser may extend the deadline for filing an application.

6. The Competition shall consist of three subsequent stages:

- basic, in which the OPPA Artistic Council shall judge the applications received;
- semi-final, in which the the OPPA Artistic Council shall evaluate Competitors’ stage performance before the audience;
- final, in which the OPPA Jury shall evaluate Competitors’ stage performance before the audience.

7. Information on results of subsequent stages of the Competition shall be published on the Festival’s web site.

8. In semi-final each Competitor shall perform two songs.

9. The OPPA Artistic Council shall judge literary, musical and performing level of the songs performed, emphasising the Author’s individuality. Decisions made by the OPPA Artistic Council shall be irrevocable and require no justification.

10. The OPPA Artistic Council, knowing an Artist’s work, shall have the right to invite him or her to right to the semi-final or final stage, without respective previous stages.

11. The OPPA Jury shall be composed of renowned authors and songwriters as well as music media and the Artistic Council representatives.

12. For the final stage each competitor shall prepare five author’s songs, two of which shall be performed during the “Grand Final” concert, and the other three - in case he or she becomes the winner –in “The Golden Five” concert.

13. The Jury shall select one winner of the top prize: the Jonasz Kofta Award out of the winners of the final stage. The prize consists of co-funding of the artist’s record release. Other winners’ prizes are electronic gifts.

14. Competitors in the final stage of the OPPA competition shall award the organisers, free of any charge, the rights to make radio and/or TV recording or their performance and to publish their songs, performed during the OPPA concerts, on any carriers.

15. Any costs of travel and accommodation shall be borne by competitors.

16. Participants of the final stage of the competition shall have the right to enter all concerts of the OPPA festival free of charge.

17. Interprettion of the provisions of these Regulation shall rest with the OPPA organisers exclusively.

18. For 2022, the deadline for applications/attachments delivery is the 15 of October. The application form in the format. doc or. rtf  be downloaded from the Festival website (, fill out and along with other attachments sent to the address:
Any questions regarding OPPA should be sent to


1. Before completing the application form should carefully read the Regulations of OPPA.
2. Candidates who submit songs that do not meet the definition of the author's song within the meaning of the Regulations of OPPA, (author, composer and performer is one person) are rejected due to failure to meet statutory requirements.

3. If after a candidate has been qualified for the competition, it appears that he/she is not fully a creator of all songs submitted, he/she will be disqualified.

4. If, after the Festival, organizers acquire credible information that the laureate is not fully a creator of all songs presented during the Festival, they will demand the return of the award or its equivalent. This equivalent will increase the prize pool for the next edition of OPPA.

5. In case the Grand Prix of OPPA is not awarded, the money prize will be accumulated for the next two editions of the Festival.

6. Files with lyrics and the mp3’s should be named according to the following scheme: surname_first name_title (without diacritics signs). Files with lyrics should be sent in .doc or .rtf Word format and mp3’s should be sent separately in 5 zipped files (.rar or .zip format).

7. The aplication may also include information (along with links) about the possibility of watching videos of the candidate performig his songs.

this year will take place in Śródmieście Culture Center (Dom Kultury Śródmieście) in Warsaw, at Smolna 9 Street (entrance from Aleje Jerozolimskie Street), on the 19th and 20th of November.

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